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Alfa Industrial Group's soul thought - professional quality, put product quality in the first place. Whether it is the procurement of parts in the early stage or the final machine inspection, Alfa Industrial Group strictly monitors every link, every process and every detail to ensure the stability and performance of each machine.

"Alfa Industrial Group" was founded in 1988 by the founder and chairman of the group, Mr. Shi Fuxing. Since its inception, the company has been operating with the belief of “Tian Xingjian, gentleman to self-improvement”, and at the same time, to serve every customer with the concept of “integrity, enthusiasm, creativity and excellence”. In the process of enterprise growth in the past 30 years, Alfa Industrial Group has expanded its business automation system integration, CNC machining center, injection molding equipment, and environmental dust collection by the injection molding machine-specific manipulator. R&D and manufacturing in various industrial fields such as equipment. Our group has a large factory in Dongguan (starting in 2001) and Suzhou (beginning in 2004) with a total investment of RMB 400 million, a total land area of 160,000 square meters and a staff of approximately 1,200. In terms of marketing, it adopts a nationwide “direct mode”, which employs professional business representatives and technicians to provide direct and fast service to customers. Currently, there are 100 marketing offices. Since the development of Alfa Industrial Group, there have been more than 10,000 customers at home and abroad! Continuous research and innovation, providing customers with high-quality products and overall solutions with highly mature technology, rich experience, perfect service and reasonable price, and won unanimous praise and affirmation from all walks of life at home and abroad.

Independent innovation, technology creates the future

Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, Alfa Industrial Group has specialized in manufacturing robotic arms and automation equipment for plastic injection molding machines. It is constantly striving for innovative product development and performance quality improvement in the field of automation of plastic injection molding industry. Give you high quality, high speed, stable and durable, safe and reasonable price; 30 years of credit guarantee is your best choice.

Thanks to more than 5,000 companies supporting and caring for customers in all areas of plastic injection molding, we have accumulated countless application experiences, grow stronger and strive for excellence. Customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit of goals, regular education and training, dedicated service, to make your production line smooth and smooth, increase production and enhance competitiveness. In addition to the standard specifications, it can be designed and manufactured according to the special needs of customers, which fully meets your needs.

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